BA Poster Session

Environmental and Urban Studies Senior BA Thesis Poster Presentation

Join us anytime on May 25 from 4:00-6:00 PM in Classics 110!

The Environmental Studies graduating class presents their BA research at our annual Poster Session and Reception. 

Graduating Majors: 

Lisa Bonsignore-Opp, "Opp and Away: Exploring Ecotourism"

Olivia Clink, "Consent-Based Siting for High-Level Nuclear Waste: Using international cases to inform high level nuclear waste policy in the United States"

Nora Hardy, "We Need More Power: The bargainer role and inter-organizational social capital on Chicago's Southeast side"

Audriana Hull, "North Carolina Hog Factory Farm Regulations: A comparison of hog waste spills at Oceanview Farms and Vestal Farms"

Mindy Jian, "Fixing a Broken Heart: An assessment of UN FAO programs in Cambodia"

Saul Levin, "Spatially Diluted Degradation: The environmental impacts of mining in the Atacama Desert in geographic context"

Danny Lopez, "A Plan to Transition: The divergent and complicated implications of German climate change policy"

Alexandra Lynn, "Led/Lead Astray: Untangling unequal access to drinking water in Flint, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio"

Madeline McCann, "Beyond Eco-Nationalism: The new environmentalism of the Southern Caucasus"

Colin Parts, "Could Speaking for the Trees Help Us Respect Them? The effect of expanding standing to sue on human ethical relationships with natural objects"

Rohit Satishchandra, "My Problem, Your Problem: Unpacking diverse responsibilities in the face of anthropogenic global climate change"

Maya Scheidl, "Urban Wilderness: A comparative study of the community area characteristics and youth engagement in Chicago parks"

Chloe Yanny-Tillar, "A Civil 'Rats' Issue: Rat ecology as an indicator of environmental injustice"